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NJ Home Inspection, how much should it cost?

This is a dilema for most NJ home inspectors that has many answers. The biggest question is what determines the price of the inspection, there are a few.

1. The size and type of home?  A small home built on a slab with no garage will take less time to inspect than a 5 bedroom, 6 bath house with a 3 car garage, a basement, 2 crawlspaces, 3 fireplaces, 4 zone HVAC, etc.

2. The age of the home? An older home has more problems than a newer home, not always the case.  Older homes do have their concerns, but clients buying new construction expect everything to be perfect.  So Very old homes and brand new construction should cost the same right? Yes they should, both take longer and require more knowledge and patience.

3. What services are needed? Actually none!  Home inspections are not required, unless it states so in your purchase contract.  A home inspection if for your- information, it is a snapshot of the home on a particular day and time.  Most lenders require a wood destroying insect inspection report (termite inspection),  radon is also recommended but not required. I provide Home, termite, radon and mold testing.

4. When do you get the report?  Waiting a day or two for the report is normal.  Some inspectors provide you with a report on the spot, most likely a check list, cheaper.  Others send out the report via email, narrative with pictures, costlier. My narrative imaged reports arrive via email same day and a printed copy goes out to your attorney the following morning.

5. How experienced is the inspector?  This is the most important question to ask.  There are contractors who do home inspections and claim their contractor experience as inspection experience.  Then there are home inspectors who will tell you that they have done 25,000 inspections, really?  Do the math, divide 25,000 by a very busy 500 inspection year and you get a home inspector who has been inspecting for over 50 years.  Not possible, home inspection came into it’s own about 25 years ago and those new inspectors were not doing 500 inspections a year, maybe 100 inspections a year, it was a fledgling business. I’ve been inspecting in NJ for over 15 years, passed State testing and have been in over 6000 properties. As an aside, I’ve trained over 130 licensed home inspector in NJ over the past 7 years.  Truth be told if you don’t use me for a home inspection odds are you’ll use someone I trained.

6. Referrals?  Did the home inspector come from a client referral or from a business referral? A client referal means that they inspected for someone you know and did a comendable job.  A business referral means that an attorney or real estate agent think the inspector will take care of their clients. My testimonials speak for themselves.

Expect to pay at least $495.00 for a typical 3 bed 2 bath 1 car garage home inspection with a termite and radon service.

I’ve been charging this rate for over 5 years and it is competitive.  I don’t nickel and dime my clients as some other inspectors do, charging extra when there is a crawlspace, garage, summer kitchen, etc. Are there inspectors who charge less than me, of course, as there are inspectors who charge more.  I find that I’m usually in the middle.  I know that my new and repete clients always get more for their money and always go on to recommend me to their friends and family. Those who call me and don’t hire me, I only wish for them a good and thorough inspection.

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  1. Great article, really useful, thank you for sharing!

    by Dewey Dollak on Apr 11, 2012 at 6:16 am

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