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Home Buyers Forgo a Home Inspection

Forgo inspection? I can’t believe what I’m reading. The couple in this article  made a poor decision not to inspect the home. If time was a factor, an inspector like me and others can provide the inspection report in less than 24 hours via email to all the interested parties, client, attorney, realtor, etc. The inspection could have uncovered and recommend improvements to the exterior perimeter drainage that could have prevented the unexpected damage from Hurricane Irene. Their “self inspection” did not uncover any “major issues”. Their savings of $400-500 on the inspection, could have saved them the money on flood repairs and that grand piano could be in the great room ready and waiting today. I know their agent, Ms Smith-Gilmore insisted on an inspection, it’s the right thing to do, protect your clients interests. A home inspection is the best investment you can make when you are buying a new home. The cost is less that on tenth of one percent of the home’s value, a bargain to find out what maybe wrong with it. Most inspections lead to the seller making repairs or offering a credit. If the buyers are in a hurry to close, like these people were, they can forgo repairs and credit, but at least they would have know what condition the home was in. They would have been better prepared to make repairs and improvements. Your readers should always get a home inspection it’s a great tool when you are making the biggest purchase of your life.

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  1. wonderful post.Never knew this, regards for letting me know.

    by Connie C. Khan on Apr 17, 2012 at 3:46 pm

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